FAQ’s About Condos

We get asked the same Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s) about condos all the time. Here are the most popular ones – with replies.

Homeowners Association FAQ’s

What is a homeowners association?
This is a non profit organization. It’s responsible for managing the common areas of a condominium or “Planned Unit Development”, also called a “PUD”. The common areas are typically the grounds, clubhouse, pool, tennis etc. Each unit owner pays a fee to the association to cover the costs.
What do I get for the monthly fee?
Typically, the HOA cuts the grass and removes the snow, once it reaches 2.5” or 3”. In addition, you’ll get use of the clubhouse and the facilities, and garbage removal. If the homes are attached and it has condo ownership, most of the time exterior maintenance is also included. But each association is different, we urge you to check before you purchase.

Condo FAQ’s About Financing

How much are the closing costs?
In New Jersey, typical closing costs run between 2% to 3% of the sale price. However, if you are paying cash, the closing costs will be less. If there’s a one time buy in fee to the association, increase the costs by that amount.
What is the Appraisal?
To ensure that a buyer with a mortgage isn’t paying more than the home is worth, the lender requires that an independent assessor inspects the property to determine if the property is worth what the seller is offering to pay.

Inspection FAQ’s

The home is only a few years old, should I get an inspection?
Simply put, the answer to this is YES! We strongly recommend that you get a home that you’re purchasing inspected. Hire a professional home inspector, don’t use a neighbor or a relative who “knows everything about houses”. The contract of sale “If any physical defects or environmental conditions are reported by qualified inspectors to the Seller…..”. Furthermore, the contract states that the “Qualified Inspector” requires that the inspector must be licensed by the State of New Jersey. If someone inspects the property who is not licensed, the Seller has the legal right to ignore any claims. Pay for the inspection, it’s a great investment.
Can I attend the inspection?
Absolutely, you should attend the inspection. In addition to being able to ask the inspector questions, you’ll learn a lot about how to properly maintain the home.

Addition / Alteration FAQ’s

Can I put an addition on my home?
Most homeowners associations will say no additions are allowed. But, to be sure, ask the association.
Can I make changes inside my condo?
You can make alterations inside the home – but. If you’re removing walls, or making changes that could affect the structural integrity of the building, no. And please remember to get the appropriate building permits.

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