Downsize Without Moving

Many people these days wish to downsize their home, but can it be done without moving? They see the TV shows about tiny houses and it catches their attention. But do you really want to live in a 400 square foot home? Not me. But- maybe some of those ideas can work in your existing home.

Start With One Room

Let’s face it, if you live in a condo, odds are good that you don’t have enough room. In fact, some people can live in large homes and not have enough room. You can be overwhelmed when you try to declutter your home. So why not try just one room. Or it that’s too much, try one drawer or one closet. The idea is to get stated. And if you can just get started, it’ll be easy to finish and move on to the next area.

Make Three Piles

We always tell people when they move they should classify everything into three piles. The first pile is the stuff you want, and need, to keep. That’s the simple one,

Your next pile is the stuff you no longer need, or perhaps never needed in the first place. This should go directly into the trash.

However, the third pile is the difficult one. This is the stuff that you may need.

The “May Need” Pile

Here is where you need to be merciless if you wish to succeed in this project. By saying “I may need this” you’re just delaying the decision, And you’re giving yourself an out so that you may never need to make the decision. Instead, ask yourself the hard questions. Have you used this lately? Or when will I need this?

If you haven’t used it in a while, and you don’t foresee using it, get rid of it, You don’t need it. But if you really can’t decide if you need it, box it up. And you’ll add other items to the box. Put a date on the box. When a year goes by and you haven’t opened the box, throw it all out because you don’t need it.

Sentimental Items

You’ll probably want to keep items because they have sentimental value. But ask yourself – do I really need this? Maybe all you need is a picture of it. That way you can look at it anytime and keep your memories. And if you can’t bring yourself to throwing a sentimental item away? Maybe you can take a picture and then give it to someone else who will appreciate the connection. Then it’s their problem.

Bottom Line

By getting rid of stuff you don’t need, you’ll simplify your life. Less work will be needed to keep your home neat and clean. You’ll reap the benefits of living tiny without sacrificing the room you want and need. And you won’t have to move.

WAIT! What did I just say? I’m a Realtor. I make my living helping people buy and sell homes. And I just gave you ideas on how to stay in your home?

Oh well. But if you do decide it’s time to move, call me- Art Reiman – Realtor.

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By Kalhow

Bunny and Art Reiman - Realtor Associates in Monmouth and Ocean counties, NJ. They are full time Realtors. Long time Monmouth County residents, Bunny sold her first home in 1978, and Art joined her in the business in 2003. They've helped hundreds of clients buy and sell homes, and the would like to help you too.

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